Hafiz Moulana Yousuf Saleh

To build and maintain a good society we must always be helpful to each other, as each of us are brothers and sisters to one another.


Helping one another can come in many forms such as, visiting and helping the sick, attending someone’s funeral prayer, helping the needy through whatever means, guiding those who are ignorant and going astray etc. the Holy Prophet (SAW), and all the Prophets before him, as well as the four rightly guided Caliphs, Sahabi, and all the learned theologians (Ulama) followed this form of conduct.


The Inspiration for establishing Insaan Aid There are many people in the world who require our help, this could be anything from needing medical attention, fresh water, housing, education and so on. If we could help a family to even start their own business so that they can be self dependent, this would be a great advantage to them and their families; most hard working families do not have the option to start their business due to the little money they earn; together with the everyday expenses they have to maintain.

As Muslims, it is incumbent upon us to do an act which will enable us to reap continuous rewards after death. We must have the heart to love one another and care for one another, as it is rewarding, and improves relationships between people, leading to a better and loving society, and thus an example of social harmony for nonMuslims.

Insaan Aid was formed and formally inaugurated in 2006, in April 2008 Insaan Aid became a registered Charity in the UK. The main aim of the charity is to provide help, support and financial assistance to the poor and needy. Insaan Aid’s work is overseen by a Management Committee who are members of the local Suffolk Muslim community. I look forward to a poverty and injustice free World. Insha Allah. May Allah (swt) be with us in our strive and may He bless you all.