Winter Project

Providing essential support and supplies during the winter months to the poor and needy when food prices and cost of living are very high or otherwise scarce.

Progress Update on Admin Building

Video review update from the Insaan Aid central office location showing construction progress of both the Administrative building and the Madrasha building.

Insaan Aid Central Office Opening

Insaan Aid is pleased to have opened our new central office based in Sylet, Bangladesh. The opening ceremony was a joyous event and including the official ribbon cutting. The new building will act as our operating centre for all our charitable work to help aid the unaided.

Qurbani Project 2018

We are delighted to announce that with your generous donations, Insaan Aid has conducted the Qurbani 2018 Project. The project allows us to distribute meat to the poor; allowing them to cook themselves a full meal as some have no choice but to otherwise live off just rice and any fish that they may catch.

Zakigonj Emergency Flood Relief

Insaan aid helps to support and provide much needed emergency aid relief to the village of Zakigonj who were sadly effected by the devastation caused from the latest flooding.