Housing & Flood Shelter Project

Shelter is a fundamental human need. We believe that everyone should have a home to protect themselves from the elements, somewhere to raise their families, a place to work from and a place to call their own. But currently, millions of people in Bangladesh are either homeless or live in very poor housing.

Although the country is rich in natural resources, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world due to mismanagement, frequent flooding, cyclones and other disasters. Unlike in the UK, there is no social housing to shelter the poor and needy, and therefore this project will be a lifesaver for tens of thousands of people.

The project will provide simple and low-cost housing and flood shelters that meet the need of local people, however, housing cannot be built in isolation without having the right infrastructure and, for that reason, we will consider wider community needs such as clean water, education, sanitation, providing a means of livelihood, before building any shelter or homes for the needy.