Insaan Aid Training Centre and Orphanage

Giving orphan children hope for a better life.

Our mission is to save lives and to help the poor and needy to adopt practical ways to root out poverty. The orphanage will provide shelter, education and training to young orphans. It will also engage those in constructive activities to achieve their full potential in life

The project will provide:

All-round care and basic medication to the poor and needy in rural Sylhet.

A private ambulance will serve those who need urgent medical care at the point of need. This will be free of charge.

Training and workshops will provide employment opportunities for the poor and needy.

Offer start-up funds, interest-free loans, and support for the poor and needy.

Hire of the community centre and function rooms at affordable rates or free of charge.

The Centre will dual purpose, being a Flood Shelter during disasters or emergencies

The project will be a dedicated sports and recreational centre to promote good health and well-being.

Insaan Aid Training Centre and Orphanage